GUZO Stories

I walk several miles in the streets of Toronto and talk to strangers about their life stories and quick portraits photographs, as they are on their daily route. I narrate those stories professionally and share it you all through the platforms so that you can learn something from their stories in any way you possibly can. Enjoy the stories. 

Behind the Stories

I am Dawit Tibebu. I am a trained as a journalist and self thought photographer from Ethiopia, now living and working in Toronto, Canada. I capture the stories on my everyday and share it as the stories gives me so much input and lesson to develop myself well. I aspire to meet as many people as possible everyday and tell important stories on your feed.

I am available for your assignments in photojournalism, documentary and several photography related projects. 

Please check my personal website or use the below link to write for me or just say Hi!

Work with Me

Are you a community organization, brand or corporate company that is looking to tell your stories in our unique platform or looking for a professional story teller? 

Please get in touch with me here or in the below form to discuss rates, scheduling and more.

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